AudioControl LC2i

Item #: 28505

High Voltage Design 2-Channel OEM Line Output Converter with AccuBASS Equalization
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Jerry - Blanchard, OK
02/28/2015 12:06 PM

I replaced a no-name brand line converter with the LC2 and the difference was like night and day - a huge improvement - it sounds incredible. The best features are the bass restoration that corrects the factory roll off and the level indication lights that make output level adjustment simple. It is also easy to adjust sub output to blend with the main output level. Also, the signal sensing automatic turn on works perfect and eliminates a separate ignition switched wire. I use the LC2 remote output to switch on both of my amps also. If you want to add amps but keep your stock radio intact, this should be the first thing that you buy.

Matt - Newnan Ga.
03/21/2012 11:04 AM


Best sound you can possibly get from converting normal speaker output to clean usable signal input! If your spending money on a quality amp and subs this is no exception. With cheap patch in's or built in mods from amp, nothing is gonna give you this type of sound quality. No "pop" when switched on and off. Controls are easy to use. Audio Control has allways been one of the greats!

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