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OnlineCarStereo.com is proud to be a MHT Authorized Dealer.

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MHT Luxury Alloy Wheels for Sale – OnlineCarStereo.com

Get in touch with Italian style that’s made in America by bolting on state-of-the-art MHT custom wheels. There’s a rim for every car lover with free shipping!

MHT Luxury Wheels for Cars & Trucks

Turn your vehicle into a true head-turner by ordering a set of MHT aftermarket wheels. Almost everyone who’s ever even considered luxury wheels knows MHT. The company was founded in the early 1990s and is one of the custom wheel industry leaders. Their team of engineers, machinists and programmers constantly produce cutting-edge designs that are stronger, lighter and better-looking than anything else. The MHT family has grown to include brands such as Fuel Off-Road Wheels, DUB Wheels, Niche Wheels and U.S. Mags Wheels. However, the MHT initials are still reserved for the finest aluminum alloy rims they create to use on luxury sedans, sports cars, classic muscle cars and trucks.

Elegant Custom Forged Rims

OnlineCarStereo.com now carries a selection of premium MHT wheels for vehicles that share the same high quality. Their branded luxury rims have classic Italian styling that makes any car make more sophisticated. However, each custom forged wheel is made in the USA at their Southern California machine shop. All MHT luxury wheels are multi-piece wheels that use the finest heat-treated aluminum and manufacturing processes. Both the inner and outer rim halves are rotary-spun to give them precision strength and stability. The resulting wheels give your car more responsive handling, better acceleration and improved fuel economy to go with their gorgeous looks.

A Great Brand for Car Enthusiasts

Make an impression whenever and wherever you drive by trusting one of the most respected names in custom wheels. As an authorized retailer, we’re able to offer the latest MHT wheel styles in many sizes, offsets, bolt patterns and finishes. They’re backed by a manufacturer’s warranty against structural defects for the lifetime of the original owner. MHT also makes tires that match up perfectly to their rims for the ultimate driving performance. When you order from OnlineCarStereo.com, you’ll receive free shipping and a 60-day returns guarantee from a company that’s more than just audio.