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Portable Speakers

Compact Portable Audio Speakers -

Put on everyone’s favorite music without lugging around heavy equipment by getting battery-powered speakers, Bluetooth speakers and other portable speakers.

Portable Stereo Speakers

Anytime is a good time for some tunes as long as you have the right equipment. Instead of keeping to yourself with a pair of headphones, bring portable speakers from to your next gathering so everyone can enjoy the music. Even when you’re miles away from home, you’ll have everything to start a dance party or provide background noise. Pack a portable speaker system for holiday gatherings, camping trips, beach outings and other times that call for a melody.

High-Quality Music On-The-Go

We have many styles of compact portable speakers for your budget and travel passions. Speakers with rechargeable batteries let you turn the volume up power-free or plug into the nearest socket. These entertainment centers can play audio from built-in radios and mp3 players, USB sticks, SD cards and other sources. Cut the cord entirely with a Bluetooth speaker that pairs with compatible smartphones and laptops. Our waterproof outdoor speakers are safe to bring to the pool or attach to an ATV.

Professional portable audio entertainment systems are also available for people who need to do more than just amuse their friends. These all-in-one speakers and portable loudspeakers have a variety of additional inputs, including ¼-inch, RCA and XLR jacks. Use them to connect receivers, microphones, musical instruments and other equipment. Dual speaker self-contained PA systems can fill an auditorium with clear, immersive sound. They’re an affordable way to give a presentation or put on a show without needing a van full of gear.

Trusted Audio Brands & Service has been an audio and stereo leader since 1999 because we commit to our customers. We’re an authorized dealer of the leading portable audio brands, including Pyle, Blackmore, Gemini and Audiovox. Their leading products are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty plus our low price guarantee, free shipping and lifetime tech support. Call us Monday-Friday to speak with a certified professional about what portable speaker is right for you.