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Viper 3305V

Item #54934
2-way LCD Security System

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Product Reviews For Viper 3305V

  • I had this installed and it’s a nice alarm and so far so good. It does the job. One of the things I like about this is I'm able to arm/disarm from a long distance. Very nice.

    Chris T.

  • This is my 2nd viper alarm and both were fantastic. Very happy with this purchase.

    Oliver Wang

  • This is a very nice alarm. Just having an extra added security for your car makes you feel more at ease. Thanks for the fast shipping too.

    Frank Miller

  • I had been using Viper for the pass 30yrs in all my cars I had and no complaint I recommended to any one, Thank God. this time Im upgrading to this one Model Viper 3305V the only problem is that here in Jacksonville, Fl. I can't find some one that I can trust and a place that know what they doing.

    Wilfredo Robles

  • Installed and so far it’s been great. I love the range and response of the two way remote. Great alarm.

    Al pudiquet

  • It's the best


  • Safe and secured! Always trusted Viper products before and will never stop trusting them!


  • Very efficient, 100% Satisfied with my Viper alarm system purchase. Thank you


  • It's a good alarm, so far. The installation and setup instructions are not very intuitive, as the information could have been presented in a more organized, installer-friendly format. I do question the robustness of the circuitry, as after I installed mine, (and it worked perfectly), as I was fastening it down in the dash, the ground pin on the connector I was using to connect it to the car's existing factory alarm connector snapped off. (It's important to note that the failed connector was not Viper part. It was desoldered from the failed factory alarm and soldered onto the Viper's wiring harness). When it lost the ground, they alarm was powered up, and it apparently grounded out through another path, killing the alarm. If it had not been powered on, perhaps this wouldn't have happened, but then again, it seems a design flaw that losing the ground wire can kill the alarm, especially in a vehicle. I bought another 3305V, replaced the connector, plugged the new one in, and it works perfectly. I like this alarm's functionality, its options, and configurability. For the price, you get what appears to be a well made product with a lot of features and setup options. Anyone who is considering installing this alarm either needs to be familiar with alarm installs, or needs to be experienced with automobile electrical systems, and needs to be prepared to spend a lot of time studying the installation manual until yo understand the odd terminology and the way the various outputs and inputs operate and interact with the car's electrical system. There is good reason why installation instructions are not included with this alarm. It is far more involved than installing a car stereo, and if you screw it up, there is a high probability you will fry the alarm or damage your car's electrical system. If you aren't really good with car electronics, do yourself a favor and have it professionally installed. You can get the install instructions off the internet, study them, and then make a decision on buying and installing the alarm. I spent several hours, over a week's time, on the alarm instructions and my car's wiring schematics before I started the install. Overall, it was worth it to me, so I would recommend this alarm.


  • Awesome alarm, I love the range it gets.

    Alfredo P
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