Professional & DJ Headphones

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Hear everything you need to hear no matter how loud things get around you by listening through our professional studio headphones and other DJ audio equipment.

Professional & DJ Headphones

Even when you’re an audio pro, you can’t always blast sound out for everyone to hear. Premium headphones are essential tools for DJs and technicians who need to cue up tracks, play back recordings or practice without disturbing their roommates. carries professional headphone systems that will fit you and your needs. You’ll hear everything regardless of the recording or listening environment in the highest audio quality.

Clear Sound & Comfort

We stock an assortment of pro studio headphones from leading brands such as Pyle, Gemini, Farenheit and Massive Audio. Most of our professional headphones are over-the-ear ‘phones to allow for the largest drivers possible to produce clear highs, snappy mids and chest-thumping bass. Both wired and wireless DJ headphones are available that are a reliable addition to your collection. We know you’ll be wearing your new gear a lot, so we’ve found the most comfortable pro headphones with padded ear cups and adjustable headbands. The padding also helps block out ambient noise so you can hear your mix with perfect clarity.

Headphone Audio Accessories

Get even more out of your headphones with the right equipment. A headphone amplifier is a perfect tool when multiple people want to listen to something at a comfortable level. Each channel has an independent volume adjustment so no one’s sound is too loud or too soft. We also have convertible headset and lavalier microphone systems for pros who need to hear and be heard. Strap a single-channel or two-channel receiver to your belt and you can pump up a crowd or communicate with co-workers over a private line.

Buy Headphones with Confidence is where to find the best professional headphones for sale. Many of them have a Low Price Guarantee and all come with our 60-day money-back guarantee. We’re an authorized dealer of all major DJ audio brands to help you find great equipment that lasts.