Pro Audio Amplifiers

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Get the music pumping at your next band gig or DJ spin show by using a pro audio amplifier that’s powerful enough to fill the largest venues with sound.

Pro Audio Power Amplifiers

Entertaining a capacity festival crowd or the local Saturday night bar scene requires the best audio equipment to keep them listening. Get a professional amplifier from and you’ll be ready to groove anytime, anywhere. We’ve expanded beyond vehicle audio systems to supply musicians and DJs with premium equipment that has the power, clarity and reliability that pros need. They deliver consistent performance night after night so you can deliver a consistent performance, too. Turn up the volume on your turntables, vocal microphones, guitars and more with the best pro audio amplifiers that have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Amplifiers That Pack a Punch

Filling a club, concert hall or park with first-rate sound isn’t something that just any amp can do. has high-output pro amplifiers from great brands such as Gemini, Pyle and JL Audio that are big on wattage. Some of them pack up to 5,000 watts, which can power a full band’s worth of instruments through the loudspeakers and the mixer to boot. A variety of input and output jacks such as XLR, RCA, ¼-inch and 3.5mm give you plenty of ways to connect your other equipment. They’re designed with heatsinks for hot nights at the club and metal enclosures to protect them from spills and drops. Most can be rack-mounted for easy storage and transport.

Amps for Every Audio Pro

Everyone will be listening to your music loud and clear when it’s been driven by a professional audio amplifier. We have PA mono amplifiers, Bluetooth power amplifiers, amps with MP3/USB readers, mini power amplifiers and many others to fit your unique needs. With one of these units, no one will ever have to tell you to turn the volume up. Take every show to the max (power) by ordering your amp from Each one ships free in the lower 48 states on top of our great every-day prices.