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Car Batteries & Battery Chargers -

Make sure your car, the stereo and the security system have the power they need by adding a heavy-duty battery and charger designed for demanding conditions.

High-Performance Car Batteries

Modern vehicles require more and more electrical power to reach their full “potential” — especially if you’ve updated the stereo or security features. These heavy-duty car batteries and chargers provide the extra power to run an advanced security system while you’ve left the vehicle parked for hours in your driveway or at a store. When you start up and drive away, the battery will run a high-wattage stereo system, too. Make these car security batteries your primary power cell or keep them available as a replacement if you ever run the main battery dry.

Vehicle Batteries & Chargers That Last has an assortment of premium 12-volt car batteries for sale that are engineered for high-end audio systems and security features. Products such as the Metra Electronics AGM power cell battery and the Kinetik BLU Series Car Audio Power Cell have high current capacity while resisting extreme heat, vibrations and corrosion. These batteries come in many wattage ratings based on what else you have under the hood or in the cabin.

No battery upgrade is complete without a good battery charger. Keeping a charger on hand will maintain your battery during winter storage or quickly get a car running again when no jumper cables are available. An intelligent power supply system monitors the battery and keeps it at the right voltage levels without overcharging it. Some chargers can keep entire battery banks running or restore your smartphone and tablet batteries, too.

Reliably Power Your Car

You’ll never have to worry about your car starting up when it has a good battery. Our products make vehicles more secure when they’re parked and allow more entertainment options when they’re in motion. Shop at to receive free shipping and lifetime tech support on all vehicle batteries and charging systems. Certified professional installation is also available at our brick-and-mortar stores. Call us Monday-Friday to make an appointment!