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Microphone Cables

Microphone Cables

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XLR Microphone Cables for Sale – OnlineCarStereo.com

Speak with the volume and clarity you need by using high-quality microphone cable. This cable also works for instruments and amplifiers to bring on the sound.

XLR Microphone & Audio Cable

Everyone who’s ever spoken into a microphone cable knows how important it is to have some good XLR cables on hand. This balanced cable is primarily used as a microphone cable for live shows and recording sessions alike, especially if the mixing board is at least 25 feet away. However, the same qualities that make it great for vocals also make it an excellent cable for instruments, amplifiers and other music equipment. OnlineCarStereo.com carries Pyle Pro male-to-female XLR cable that is the same cable the professionals use. You’ll always hear exactly what you should when you have this high-quality mic cable plugged in.

Cables for Spoken (& Sung) Words

Our bundles of black 30-ft. microphone cable are perfect for full bands, solo acoustic shows, DJ gigs, recording sessions and much more. This symmetrical three-pin cable has gold-plated contacts for optimal signal transfer without corrosion. XLR cable is excellent at blocking out electrical interference from nearby equipment and also allows the mixing board to deliver “phantom power” to microphones and instruments. Pyle uses 12-gauge wire to make this low-noise cable so you can talk and sing without static or buzzing. They’re compatible with microphones, powered speakers, mixers and anything else that has an XLR input or output jack.

Always Be Heard

Stock up on XLR cable with male-to-female connectors from OnlineCarStereo.com and hear what you’ve been missing. We have a low price guarantee on all our cables so you can afford to get them for every member of the band — plus a few extras just in case. These durable cables have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor plus our 60-day money-back guarantee. As an extra bonus, you can plug the ends into each other when you coil it up to reduce tangling during storage. (Knowing cables, they’ll still find a way, though.) Call or email us Monday-Friday to find out more about our selection of premium audio cables.