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Mobile Sound Processing Products

When good is not good enough, music aficionados turn to OnlineCarStereo.com to make their car radios and stereos better. Thanks to our large selection of crossovers, equalizers and other mobile sound processors, we are the best way to improve car audio performance. You can fine-tune your car stereo until it sounds exactly the way you desire. That will be music to your ears and those of everyone else who rides with you.

Vehicle Mobile Sound Processing

There’s more to revamping a car stereo system than just installing new speakers, receivers and amplifiers. Sometimes these components need additional tweaking to achieve maximum performance. Mobile sound processing accessories help tune the system until you have clear, loud and nuanced audio. When it comes to tuning car stereos, we are your go-to source as an authorized dealer of the biggest names in sound processing, including AudioControl, Axxess, Soundstream, JL Audio and Dynaudio. We’ll help you clean up the sound with the latest products and make some beautiful music together.

Practical & Affordable Accessories

We stock an assortment of accessories to improve the sound quality in your car. Crossovers and equalizers are two of the most common sound processors for mobile audio. You can use crossovers to assist speaker drivers with specific frequencies or split an audio signal into multiple bands. If separate components work at different volumes, add a car stereo equalizer to balance them. Many factory stereo systems have their own audio processing built-in that limits the potential of aftermarket components. With signal processors and bass enhancers, you can strip this limiter away for a clean signal.

Sometimes the stereo is working fine, but outside interference is causing it to sound worse than microphone feedback. Noise filters will eliminate or reduce static, whining and buzzing from alternators and antennas. If you can’t ground all components in the same place, you may also need a car ground loop isolator. Other processing accessories include line drivers to boost head unit voltage levels and line output converters that enable connections between factory amps and aftermarket receivers.

Sound Processed to Perfection

We have hundreds of mobile sound products in stock to satisfy every audio need and budget. If you’re not sure which accessories are appropriate for your sound problems, simply call, email or live chat with our service team. We have a staff full of car audio experts ready to assist you. You’ll also receive lifetime tech support with every purchase.

Factory Radio Improvement FAQs

Aftermarket radios have better sound quality and more features than factory radios; however, they are also more expensive. But that’s not to say you can’t improve your factory radio. Sound processors, converters and controllers can draw better sound quality from the stock stereo system.

There are two ways to do this. You can upgrade to a more powerful external amplifier, or you can improve the internal components and use an audio equalizer to balance the sound and reduce interference.

Most people accomplish this by upgrading the speakers, adding a new amplifier or getting bass enhancers. Another way to upgrade the factory radio system is with sound processing equipment such as signal processors, pre-amps and crossovers.

On the surface, it’s simply about implementing an external amplifier. The difficult part is being able to connect them using the correct cables. Many aftermarket amplifiers require a line output converter to connect to a factory radio.

These stereos are designed better than most factory stereos. Automotive companies generally have other priorities and do not focus on improving their stereos — but a company like Bose or JL Audio does. The best factory radios are almost always ones designed by an aftermarket brand.

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