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OnlineCarStereo.com is proud to be an AutoPage Authorized Dealer.
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AutoPage Car Alarms & Starters – OnlineCarStereo.com

Keep your vehicle safe even when it’s out of sight by outfitting it with AutoPage vehicle alarm systems, remote starters and other wireless accessories.

AutoPage Wireless Security Products

You’ve put a lot of money into your vehicle making sure it’s everything you’ve ever wanted. So make sure it’s protected from potential thieves. AutoPage is a worldwide leader in car security systems and other products that guard the most important thing you own. The company was founded in 1979 and is constantly at the forefront of wireless vehicle technology and innovation. Since 2012, the brand has been owned by Varad International, which has continued to develop the best vehicle security accessories.

Dependable Car Alarms

Even when you’re miles away from your car, you can relax when it has an AutoPage vehicle alarm installed. Security systems such as the AutoPage 508D field disturbance sensor create an invisible “inner zone” and “outer zone” of coverage when activated. When people or objects enter the outer zone, the alarm system goes on alert; if they reach the inner zone, then watch out! You can get systems with a basic Warn Away® response or a full-fledged alarm to scare off intruders and alert passerby.

Remote Starters and More

AutoPage does more than just alarm systems. They are also known for their remote vehicle starters, key fobs and accessories that make your life easier. Get a new or replacement transmitter remote for compatible cars that allow you to lock and unlock doors or fire up the engine without fumbling around with keys in the dark. If you want the most advanced vehicle security and starter package, check out the C3 Hybrid. This cell phone-based remote command system uses GPS and cellular tracking that works around the globe.

Simple & Secure Solutions

OnlineCarStereo.com carries AutoPage products to help you keep every part of your baby safe — including that new sound system you’ve just installed. We’re an authorized dealer with free shipping on everything we sell. You can also check out their products in person at a brick-and-mortar location with certified professional installation.