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Mono Subwoofer Amplifiers

Mono Subwoofer Amplifiers

For everything from rock and roll to hip-hop, a good bass line sets the tone for your music. A mono car amplifier will help you get the most out of your car’s stereo system so you can feel the thump whenever you’re out driving. Audiophiles know that even the leading performance subwoofers will sound weak and distorted if you don’t have adequate power. Adding a single-channel subwoofer amplifier will quickly ratchet up the audio signal to take advantage of its wattage and design.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a component or enclosed subwoofer, or what type of subwoofer box your speaker is wrapped in — a mono bass amplifier can make a huge difference. These amps are primarily used when adding an aftermarket subwoofer to a vehicle stereo. However, they also can provide a boost to factory speaker systems if the stock amplifier is inadequate. Regardless of your setup, our experts can assist you with finding the best car bass amp at a great price.

Premium Single-Channel Amps for Cars has a large inventory of car subwoofer amplifier that will increase the volume and clarity of low frequencies. They come in many wattages for different size speakers, so you can order a 300-watt amplifier, a 1,800-watt mono car amp and even a 3,000-watt amp. We’ve found it’s best to use a more powerful amp than the subwoofer requires and turn down the gain so you don’t strain your equipment. The more powerful amps can also be split across multiple subwoofers.

These monoblock amps are also at different Ohm and class ratings. Most subwoofer amps are Class D as they are the most efficient for compact spaces. We also offer Class A/B mono amps and other designs that can power a full-range speaker. As an authorized dealer of leading brands such as JL Audio, Power Acoustik, Boss Audio and Soundstream, we offer the latest car audio products with lifetime tech support.