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Car Amplifiers

Vehicle Stereo System Amplifiers -

Add the power to your stereo setup that’s needed to run large high-end speakers and subwoofers by getting a car amplifier that fits your vehicle and budget.

Best Car Amplifiers

Installing new speakers will only help your car audio performance if you also add a powerful amplifier. Otherwise, the speakers might sound even worse than the ones they replaced. Give your stereo system a boost with a high-performance car amplifier from By magnifying the signal from the head unit, your audio will sound clearer, fuller and louder for a better listen every time. A replacement car amplifier can even improve the performance of the factory speakers if the OEM amplifier just wasn’t up to the task. We’re an authorized dealer of Pioneer car amplifiers, Kicker amps, Pyle amps and other trusted car audio brands to help you bring the power.

Amps to Fit Your Setup

Replace the weak built-in factory amp with an aftermarket vehicle amplifier that opens up more possibilities. Our mono car amplifiers are an excellent subwoofer amp that provides an adequate signal to your power-hungry base speakers. Two-channel amplifiers can drive a set of front or rear speakers — or you combine the channels and push double the power to that subwoofer. Let your imagination run wild with options that go all the way up to 6-channel amplifiers and 8-channel amps for running the most advanced custom stereo systems. If you’re short on space, get a Class D vehicle amplifier that’s especially efficient at bumping up lower audio frequencies.

Power up Your Car Speakers

No matter how much power you need, there’s a premium amplifier that can provide it. Use our Vehicle Fit Guide or shop by brand, channel amounts, wattage rating and more to find an amplifier that has enough juice — and maybe a little extra in case you’re thinking about adding more components later. also has a selection of marine-grade amplifiers with heavy-duty construction for boats, off-road vehicles and work rigs. Everything we sell ships free in the lower 48 states and comes with free lifetime tech support from our car audio professionals.